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Debra Freedman July 15, 2019 2024-07-06 | 20:15:14
"7/15/2019-UPDATE_I have used Glyn's Appliance Repair for decades. I am consistently impressed by the quality service, professionalism, and honesty of this company. Case in point (...yet another example!), my dryer stopped working on Saturday. I called in and left a voicemail, thinking I'd get a call back on Monday to set up a repair appointment. About 15 minutes later, I get a call from Dwayne. I describe the problem. Dwayne immediately pinpointed this issue...instructed me on changing around a few parts on the dryer...and within 30 seconds had the dryer working perfectly. In addition, Dwayne had all the information about my dryer on hand, and provided me with a part number, a local supplier, a price, contact information, case I wished to replace the part. This could easily have turned into a service call...with attendant charges. The fact that it was handled in the manner it was, once again reminds me why I've used Glyn's service for decades, why I so trust its recommendations and repairs, and why I hope Glyn's will be a resource in our community for many, many years to come.__PRIOR REVIEW: You won't find a better, more knowledgable, more efficient, more honest, more caring appliance repair service around. I called with a dryer issue and made a repair appointment. I later realized other appliances were not working (as well as my AC), and called back to let Dwayne know. Dwayne immediately diagnosed an FPL line issue, and took the time to explain what that meant in terms even I could understand. I told Dwayne I had an electrician coming out, and Dwayne provided very sage advice about what to expect from an "honest" electrician. Dwayne was spot on in his evaluation of the problem and in all of his advice and recommendations. I wish I had a "Glyn's Service" for all of my homeowner/repair/service needs! Thanks!"
marshall steingold June 9, 2019 2024-07-06 | 20:15:15
"5-Star service. Technician was qualified and found the problem. Time from first phone call to service was less than 2 hours. After the service, something else was wrong. They came out again the next day (no charge) and fixed the problem."
Yvonne June 6, 2019 Excellent Service
"Glyn’s Appliances was recommended to us so we called them for a dryer repair. They came out the same day and I have to say, their technician, Daniel was excellent! We will be calling Glyn’s for future repairs from now on!"
Gary Nelson March 19, 2019 2024-07-06 | 20:15:15
"A top notch operation. I got same day service, skilled repair, and paid a reasonable price to get a failed refrigerator water line replaced. I will use them again."
M March 14, 2019 2024-07-06 | 20:15:15
"Excellent service and outstanding customer service! I would highly recommend Glyn’s Repair Service - you will not be disappointed!"
Thais Boswick January 24, 2019 2024-07-06 | 20:15:15
"Knowledgeable, professional, honest, on time. Excellent. Glyn’s has fixed every major appliance in my home."