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Rosie Sirota March 12, 2024 2024-03-13 | 15:18:09
"Professional & friendly service. Terry was great!"
Steve Talley February 19, 2024 2024-03-13 | 15:18:14
"Glyn’s again took care of a minor appliance emergency in a timely manner, thus allowing my wife to travel out of town as planned…… They are the best !"
Carri Capers February 19, 2024 2024-03-13 | 15:18:10
"I have used Glyn's about 3 times now. They offer fast appointments and the technician is always thorough, polite and friendly."
Jay R Perez (jayloans) January 17, 2024 2024-03-13 | 15:18:15
"Man, can’t begin to express how quick professional and knowledgeable was Glynn’s appliance. Much better than some of the other guys. Used multiple time over the years. Best in the business"
Conchita Herrera January 9, 2024 2024-03-13 | 15:18:16
"The technician, explain to me what was wrong with the dryer. And how to solve the problem if the problem . If the problem contain, I should get in touch with him, and he will come again. He was so nice and a very considerate and kind person."
Adrian Fyne December 30, 2023 2024-01-04 | 15:49:46
"Excellent service"